NEW! “Bonus” Email Swipes (grab them on the right side of this page)

We figured out a strategy to SKYROCKET the amount of money our affiliates make from promoting Facebook Seduction System. We now have special email swipes that offer five high-quality free bonuses whenever someone purchases Facebook Seduction System through your affiliate link.

It’s super simple. You mail out the swipe, and the swipe will mention the bonuses they can claim for free if they buy this product NOW. And it will tell them how to contact our 24/7 customer support team.

Our customer support team will confirm that they bought the product, and then they will send them a link to a “secret page” where they can grab their bonuses.

Here’s a preview of what we’ll send to your customers when they buy from your affiliate link:

Click here to preview the bonuses that your customers will receive from us.

You can find these bonus email swipes on the right side of this page.



If you plan to buy traffic to send to this offer, or promote it to a large mailing list, we can raise your commission to 90%.
Just get in touch with us at these email addresses:

Contact Your Affiliate Manager:


Here’s the commission structure:

  • You will make 70% of the front end commission of the product
  • Plus commissions on our 3 one-click upsells
  • Plus you’ll receive recurring payments every month when customers choose to join our monthly membership (continuity) program.

We want you to make as much money as possible, so send us an email if you need anything:

Contact Your Affiliate Manager:
Email:  support@solarispublishing.com